Research in the Bower Group is driven by the discovery and development of fundamentally new carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming processes. In particular, we target methods that are operationally simple, green (atom and step economy) and selective (chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivity). In this context, asymmetric transition metal-catalysed processes are of particular interest.

The discovery of fundamental reactivity naturally leads to new opportunities in synthetic methodology, total synthesis and mechanism. Current research efforts are focused upon (i) the development of new methodology for heterocyclic chemistry, (ii) the application of these processes to natural product synthesis, (iii) the evaluation of natural product analogues for medicinal purposes and (iv) understanding reaction mechanism to increase the efficiency, scope and applicability of new transformations. The new catalytic processes developed in our laboratory are central to all of these programmes.

We thank the following organisations for funding our research programme:

The Royal Society EPSRC ERC
Syngenta Bristol Synthesis DTC
AstraZeneca Pfizer  GlaxoSmithKline